RIDE COMMAND® Elevates Connectivity in Off-Road Riding

Off-road riding is a social experience. Polaris’® research shows a majority of off-road enthusiasts ride with a passenger or in a group. But, the off-road riding experience has barriers. Being strapped into a vehicle with a helmet makes it difficult to communicate with passengers; having multiple gadgets such as a GoPro, GPS and a smart phone is cumbersome; and capturing ride memories to share is challenging -- often requiring multiple steps, including getting out of the vehicle, remembering to turn the GoPro on or taking gloves off to use touch interfaces.

What if there was a solution to connect the disconnect? Leading the way in innovation, RIDE COMMAND® is a unique solution solving the most common experiential problems with off-road riding. The RIDE COMMAND system includes the RIDE COMMAND app and an intuitive, glove-touch, weather-resistant RIDE COMMAND 7” (17.8-cm.) Display.

Using the RIDE COMMAND app, riders can map rides in advance and transfer waypoints from their phones to the display via Bluetooth®. The RIDE COMMAND 7” Display—in tandem with the RIDE COMMAND app -- allows the operator to track where their group is without needing to physically see them, and also view friends close by. And, new for 2018, group riding has been further revolutionized! Now, operators also can view the routes of riders in the group in real time. The technology, a first of its kind in off-road, is yet another way for the off-road community to stay in contact with one another, and track and share their ride stats directly to their social feeds.

Along with planning and sharing rides or finding friends, RIDE COMMAND provides seamless device control in one spot. Receive text and call notifications right on the screen for easier viewing. Never miss another epic moment with the ability to control a GoPro right from the display. Jam to favorite tunes either through Bluetooth or AM/FM radio right from the RIDE COMMAND 7” Display. Communicate and hear the thrill of passengers with an accessory Sena headset that is connected seamlessly via Bluetooth. Loading, unloading and traversing obstacles is easier as the display integrates standard front and rear-wired cameras giving the driver more visibility to those hard-to-see spots. RIDE COMMAND not only makes off-roading more enjoyable but easier to share the RZR lifestyle with friends and family.

RIDE COMMAND is available on the RZR XP Turbo EPS DYNAMIX, RZR XP 1000 EPS RIDE COMMAND and Polaris GENERAL 1000 EPS RIDE COMMAND editions, and as an accessory through Polaris Engineered Accessories™.

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